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School Careers Leader - Karen Cannard

Telephone: 01284 413400

If you have any questions or queries regards the careers programme at Sybil Andrews Academy, please contact Karen Cannard

A summary of the careers programme, including details of how students, parents, teachers and employers may access information about the careers programme, can be accessed by contacting Karen.

Additional careers advice can be sought from


COVID-19 Response: We recognise that we are living in difficult times and the world of work is changing. While our advice to students continues to remain impartial about the options available at Post-16, we are also mindful about how the economic impact is affecting some pathways more than others. We remain in close contact with Post-16 education providers, apprenticeship advisors and the Career Development Institute, so that we can help our students to be as informed as possible in their career planning decisions. 


Careers Resources
This is an online version of one of the publications that we use in school. It provides a useful picture of the region's Labour Market Information, including the key  employment sectors, related occupations, skills required and potential salaries. It also includes lots of links to specialist sector website. An excellent guide for students, parents and teachers.
Skillsometer can help you discover what jobs you might like to do in the future. You will be presented with a series of statements. Select the emoji that shows how you feel about each statement. You will be given suggestions of jobs linked to what you most enjoy doing. Click on the picture to try the skillsometer.
The careers site Success at Schools has published a useful resource for parents and carers. Access the free Careers eBook for parents by clicking on the image below.
The following websites provide a range of additional careers information and tools that can help students explore future options.
Focuses on jobs and careers in Suffolk and Norfolk based on your skills and interests.
Research your favourite subjects and discover how these might be relevant to future study or jobs. Check out the search facility on BBC Bitesize, which has a range of articles that might interest you.
Career videos and written articles covering lots of occupations. Try the BuzzQuiz.
An online library of careers related films, news and information.
A range of career tools that helps you explore careers, training and suitable jobs. Also includes a skills assessment questionnaire.
A Suffolk website for information about issues that may affect students including careers information.
Updated fortnightly by New Anglia LEP, this is a great source of vacancy information across all the key employment sectors in Suffolk and Norfolk.
Information on apprenticeships, including links to the 'Find an Apprenticeship' service.
Contains concise summaries of every apprenticeship offered in England, plus general careers advice, real life stories, employer advertising and a directory of providers. The Guide is fully revised and updated annually, in collaboration with the National Apprenticeship Service.
A helpful overview of apprenticeships, including support for students and monthly resource packs for parents.
Higher Education - everything you need to know about higher education. A useful website for exploring university degrees and identifying the diplomas or A'Level qualifications that will be needed for your future steps. For students who want to go on to university, it is useful to check the requirements before you make our Post-16 choices. - what to study, where to go and how to get there. Has useful advice on selecting A'Levels as well as extra guidance on personal statements and applying.
General information - information about travel in Suffolk,  - articles, news updates and helpful information for parents and carers about the best way to advise your son or daughter.
Careers Programme Summary

Years 7 & 8 students are introduced to the world of careers and their aspirations. Our focus is on opportunities that encourage them to start thinking about why a career is important, what types of jobs are available and how they can be linked to hobbies and interests. Students also learn about essential skills.

Year 9 students focus on choosing their GSCE options. Information, advice and guidance is provided by their subject teachers and all students have the opportunity to speak to our Careers Advisor about their choices. Students are introduced to BeReady's online CPD to support their personal development.

Year 10 students are introduced to the skills required to apply for jobs and training, for example CV writing and interview skills. Opportunities are provided to meet employers through events and virtual work inspiration and experience. Students are introduced to apprenticeships and at the end of Year 10 they learn about Post-16 options, ready for when they return in Year 11. One-to-One Careers Guidance meetings start at the end of Year 10 and continue into Year 11, where students have careers guidance session with our Careers Advisor. 

Year 11 students are able to meet local sixth forms and colleges to understand the various study pathways available to them. Further guidance is provided about apprenticeships and students also learn about Higher Education and how to research courses to find out how university entry requirements can affect their Post-16 decisions. Students are also supported by our pastoral team to ensure they have a clear plan for their Post-16 transition.


Thinking about attending University in 2023?  

More links to a wider range of resources for parents, carers and students can be found in our printable Careers Resource Information Pack (in the Documents section on this page). 


Speakers for Schools Live VTalks: Speakers for Schools organises frequent live talks that tap into a wide range of careers interests.

If you can't watch them live, you can catch up via their video library. For the latest schedule visit:


New Anglia LEP is broadcasting live careers related interviews on YouTube, featuring business leaders and professionals from a wide range of sectors.

See the forthcoming live schedule and recorded interviews at

Post 16 Pathways
Career Pathway Guide - helping you choose which courses are right for you.
Next Steps - West Suffolk College video presentation
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Resources from other local Post-16 education providers will be included once we receive them.