Sybil Andrews Academy

In the classroom – January 2020

  • We are delighted to begin a new partnership with the ‘collège Simone Veil’ in Mandres les Roses, near Paris. Our French students in years 7-10 have just completed their introductory letter to their new French penpal. We are all excited to find out more about the French teenagers, their lifestyles and their school when they write back to us in the coming weeks.
  • John Greenwood, from Suffolk Police Cyber Crime Unit met Years 8, 9 and 10. Here he tells us more about his visit to Sybil Andrews Academy:

I work for the Cybercrime Unit in Norfolk and Suffolk Constabulary and recently visited Sybil Andrews to present assemblies and workshops to the students around two key areas. The first area was around improving their personal cyber security (guidance from N C S C) with tips about what makes a good password and highlighting the need for all passwords to be strong and unique.

We also talked about the additional security 2 factor authentication provides and how your personal data could be compromised through no fault of your own.

Finally we identified how human error is the most common factor leading to data lose and how we need to consider the information we post online and our share settings as our digital footprint accumulates and follows us throughout our lives.The second strand delivered was about the Cyber Choices programme – a national initiative to deter individuals from getting involved in cybercrime, and prevent re-offending.

Year 11 students have started a revision competition in which they compete for individual rewards and a group prize. Every hour of revision is rewarded with a token that counts towards an individual total and is then placed in the group’s collector. Students have shown real grit to stay for after school revision sessions and with their final set of mock exams now taking place pupils excellent focus bodes well for the summer examinations.