Sybil Andrews Academy

About Us

Sybil Andrews Academy opened its doors in September 2016. Initially housed in what was St James Middle School’s site, in Bury St Edmunds, we moved into our brand new, purpose-built site on Skyliner Way in November 2016.

Our journey since then has seen us grow in size to currently four buildings, creating a state-of-the-art campus, and hundreds of students have now graduated from Sybil Andrews Academy with fantastic grades. We are a school that is constantly evolving and developing and shaping our future. As a result, this is an exciting place to be!

Sybil Andrews offers a broad curriculum, brought to life by an engaging and skilled teaching body. We benefit from a purpose-built school with specialist rooms in a modern, university style campus. Our strong values of kindness, courage and responsibility create a culture of respect, tolerance, and personal challenge.

We strive to be a happy school where students are valued for who they are and what they could be. Strong relationships amongst students, staff and parents provide a sense of belonging and community. Student learning, progress and achievement are our measures of success and our relentless drive to ensure the best for our students is at the heart of what we do.

A school with a short history is all about creating the future – this is what makes Sybil Andrews so exciting.

Our staff body is both knowledgeable and passionate, be that in their subject area, or their area of expertise, such as finance, administration, or health and safety. As a result, we have built an extremely strong workforce in a relatively short period of time. Teamwork is highly valued in our school culture, which we illustrate to students with staff using shared offices and collaborating on various matters.

The school highly values its staff and, as such, professional development and talent management are strong. Our bespoke CDP programme allows staff to select their training options for the academic year, with many sessions delivered in house alongside external opportunities for development. 

Staff at the school play a significant contribution to the planning and development of their area of expertise, whether that be a curriculum subject or wider function of the school. We highly value staff input and as such staff are very much involved in the continual development of the school and have a significant ownership of their area of responsibility. 

Sybil Andrews is a friendly school, staff are collegiate and have fun. Teachers have their own classroom, large communal staff area, and benefit from state-of-the-art facilities. All staff gain from the wider partnerships fostered by being part of Unity Schools Partnership Trust.

As a staff body we are determined to make a difference, and we will strive to do so.